What Do We Fight For

Ukrainian freedom from Russian aggression! We fight for Ukraine's Independence and her territorial integrity! We fight for Crimea and Donbas to be freed from Russian occupation! 

San Diegan Ukrainian fighters from the rally on May 20th, 2017

San Diegan Ukrainian fighters from the rally on May 20th, 2017


Through the public outreach, marches and rallies around the US, social media activity,  we strive to raise awareness among Americans about Ukraine's struggle for its independence and freedom from Russia's all-too-long shadowy grasp. Our mission is to get American Government to put enough pressure on Russia to pull out its militants out of Ukraine and stop the bloody conflict that in the last three years took over 10,000 lives and left thousands wounded, homeless and orphaned.  Our goal is to gather people of all different nationalities in major cities all around the US to join our fight. We will assist you in reaching out to your senators and congressman to demand legislation that will help Ukraine to win this imposed by Russia war.  This is a current bi-partisan resolution that was just sponsored in the Senate by Ohio Senators on the 3rd year anniversary of Annexation of Crimea You can use this resolution to reach out to your senators in your respective states, and ask them to support it, co-sponsor or even better, vote "yes" on it so it has a chance to become a bill. 



Our goal is to help Ukraine regain its territorial integrity. It's been 3 years and over 10,000 people dead since the beginning of Russian sponsored war in Eastern Ukraine. This bloody conflict is a covert Russian war, whose objective is to destabilize Ukraine and to prevent it from ever having a chance to be a part of Europe. 


We demand:


That the Russian-backed terrorists immediately vacate the Donbas region! 


That Crimea be returned to Ukraine immediately!


That American government keeps its promise made in the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, which is to provide the full and immediate defense of Ukraine if there is use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Part of Ukraine was annexed in 2014 and the US did nothing to stop it. 



“В своїй хатi своя сила i правда i воля..."


Путiн, йди до своєї хати!


Ready to help?




Washington DC March on May 20th:

Hundreds of Ukrainians gathered march at the JFK Hockey Fields behind the WWII Memorial on the National Mall and proceeded to the Holodomor Memorial with full police escort where a vigil was conducted. At the end of the day attendees of the march had an opportunity to see the premier of a brand-new Ukrainian documentary "Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine" from 3-time Academy award winning director Mark Jonathan Harris on Capitol Hill. Here is the video footage from DC

San Diego Peaceful Rally in Solidarity with DC

San Diego Ukrainian supporters gathered on May 20th downtown San Diego in solidarity with Ukrainian Freedom March in Washington, D.C. Not everyone was able to travel to DC from California, but anyone was able to join and show their support locally. We wore Ukrainian vyshyvankas and patriotic shirts, sang lots Ukrainian songs and anthem, made pro-peace anti-war posters and brought Ukrainian flags. Our goals was to raised awareness that the bloody conflict in Eastern Ukraine is far from being over. The event was videotaped and shared with media in Ukraine and locally. Here is a footage

Our work is not done here, so if you want to join our movement and continue fighting with us for peace in Ukraine from the US, please send an info submission from this website. And like our page on facebook if you have fb


Naples, FL

Amazing work Naples!

Their video is right here


There were also events held in 

San Francisco, CA and Phoenix, AZ